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  Studio Companies

CRUNCH! Productions
Crunch! is our resident tap company and is open to all students at an intermediate level or above. It provides area youth with the opportunity to experience the absolute highest levels of tap training available. Our companies perform alongside professional artists each fall and are among the best pre-professional youth tap companies in Pennsylvania! Members and apprentices are accepted by audition only and are required to attend a 1-hour company rehearsal, plus two hours of tap per week.

Lumi�re Studio Company
Lumi�re features contemporary and classical ballet, jazz and musical theater choreography. Dancers who are at an intermediate level or higher in any of those forms of dance are invited to audition. It provides young dancers with the opportunity to be exposed to new styles of dance outside what they have studied, to form invaluable friendships, to learn about teamwork and to become the best dancers they can possibly become! Members and apprentices are accepted by audition only and are required to attend a 1-hour company rehearsal, plus two hours of technique per week.

A little more about Crunch & Lumi�re...
At PAA, our studio companies provide dancers with the opportunity to grow artistically and achieve a standard of excellence as performing artists. Students are received by audition and are expected to maintain multiple technique classes and excellent attendance records to succeed.

Our Studio Company members are PAA representatives to the community at the rest of the dance world. They are rewarded with special performing and educational opportunities, including private workshops with master teachers, trips to festivals to study with the best dancers in the world, and more!

In return, dancers in Crunch and Lumi�re are expected to make a serious, year-long commitment to their company and respect the guidelines listed below. Dancers in Showstoppers do not audition, and therefore, can join for any or all semesters they choose.

For more information about the companies or auditions, please call the office at (814) 364-2424.


Congratulations to all our new company members! Great auditions this year. I am REALLY looking forward to a year full of exciting friendships and teamwork!!!

2010 - 2011 Crunch! Members:
Jordyn Brooks (member)
Olivia Burd (apprentice)
Margaret Dunkelberger (member)
Katie Haines (member)
Ivie Russell (member)
Michelle Sanders (Rehearsal Director/member)
Kayla Snyder (member)
Abigail Traxler (apprentice)

2010-2011 Lumi�re Members:
Alyssa Boob (member)
Jordyn Brooks (Rehearsal Director/member)
Olivia Burd (apprentice)
Martha Dunkelberger (apprentice)
Christa Fohringer (apprentice)
Maggie Keener (Social Chair/apprentice)
Liz McNitt (member)
Sam Statham (member)
Abigail Traxler (apprentice)

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Dancers will be required to attend their 1-hour rehearsal slot once a week, plus the following:

Regular attendance is crucial and not an option for Crunch and Lumiere!
Our policy will be discussed with parents at auditions and reviewed again at our first meeting. For more information, check our audition packet.

Companies will be cast in our major PAA productions, including our storybook recitals in May. Other possible performances include the Grier School Gala, Central PA Festival of the Arts, People's Choice Festival, Grange Fair, Dance Centre County, school assemblies, etc.

The cost of costumes will be the responsibility of company members, however, they will not only get to keep their costumes, they will also be able to fundraise to help defray the total cost for each dancer. Each company will organize and be responsible for their own fundraisers, and they can range from car washes to bake sales to candy sales and more!

Past Members
Kayla Bracken (Lumiere Apprentice, Crunch Member)
Corinna Brooks (Lumiere Rehearsal Director)
Jordyn Brooks (Greasepaint & Spotlights Apprentice)
Kylie Brooks (Crunch Member)
Micah Cattell (Crunch Apprentice)
Jessica Daulby (VIBE Apprentice)
John Daulby (VIBE and Lumiere Member)
Maya Eicher (Crunch Member)
Madeline Grande (Crunch Rehearsal Director)

Julie Hackman (Greasepaint & Spotlights Rehearsal Director, Lumiere Member, Crunch Member)
Stephanie Hackman (Lumiere Member)
Dayna Hasson (Crunch! Productions Member)
Kirstie Hudson (Greasepaint & Spotlights Apprentice)
Sarah Keeler (Crunch Apprentice)
Ashley Lope (Greasepaint & Spotlights and Crunch Member)
Courtney Lope (Greasepaint & Spotlights Member)
Becky Mastin (Crunch Rehearsal Director)
Christina Mollica (Crunch Apprentice)
Kaleena Rallis (Crunch Member)
Abbie Rinard (Lumiere II Rehearsal Director)
Ayla Russell (VIBE Apprentice)
Kayla Snyder (Greasepaint & Spotlights Apprentice)
Aria Sakona (Lumiere II Member)
Elara Sakona (Lumiere, Greasepaint & Spotlights and VIBE Apprentice)
Katicia Sakona (Lumiere II Member)
Shalia Sakona (Greasepaint & Spotlights Member)
Tiana Sakona (Crunch Member, Lumiere Apprentice, VIBE Rehearsal Director)
Bilyana Tzolova (Crunch Member)
Gergana Tzolova (Crunch Rehearsal Director)
Shelby Yearick (Lumiere Member)

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